Conference with Ms. Madden

I went to a appointment I had scheduled with Ms. Madden on Friday the 24th for 2:00 PM, to study for more sources and other research databases I did not use for my annotated bibliographies. Luckily another student didn’t show up for their appointment on time, but I was able to stay for an hour talking though my subject. The key areas that I wanted to focus on with Ms. Madden was the relationship between the homeless and resident owners with set homes, also how Georgia State addresses the homeless, and how parks accommodate the homeless. She showed me the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, this newspaper addresses articles that related back to my subject matter and allowed me to look throughout all their newspaper articles that affect this subject. She also readdressed how to use the Georgia State Library service and find my secondary sources that may be useful as well. Finally we couldn’t together find an exact statement at all ¬†from Georgia State about the homeless, even though it has such a huge impact on normal campus life.



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