My Analysis: The Varsity: A Deconstruction (Visual) Document

1. What are the posts doing?
It vividly describes the scenery and individual items normally seen in a restaurant but allows the reader to visualize specific descriptions through its large amount of detail.
2. What is the message of each post?
This message in this one is to create a visual representation of a purely written description of a restaurant and allow readers to feel as if they could see and feel the restaurant.
3. Who is the intended audience? How do you know?
Sociologists, Anthropologists, People who are doing research into the descriptive settings of settings, this being the Varsity restaurant. It goes into great length going into individually focused items located throughout the restaurant with vivid detail.
4. How might the information be useful? To Whom? Why?
People who are doing research throughout the Varsity will appreciate the detail and descriptive features mentioned from pepper shakers, to napkins.
5. How does the author establish credibility?(ethos)  
The author has been to the restaurant showing he has taken his own photos spent time gathering a large amount of objective data.
6. What could be changed to improve the effectiveness of each post?
For this specific article, a large more broad description on the setting, describing spacing and spacial awareness.

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