Comparison Between Two Summaries

1. They are substantially different with Summary A being only one long intricate sentence that does not add substance to the story. The summary acts more as a theme then a summary addressing very little where the citation is almost as large as the text. Summary B has far more substance with a beginning plot summary focusing on broad details in the text. It is far more subjective because of this substance where the author through his use of examples and choppy writing style personify his opinion over the text. The summary itself goes off topic to an extent focusing on the wrong aspects of the paper for too long but overall with its flaws in mind is far better then the lack luster substance of Summary A.
2. Many People from College Students to those interested in the Deetz and Cromely case studies would find summary A almost entirely unusable rather coming out more confused  with its vague word choice and brief explanation. While summary B would be far more tangible and allow for greater understanding of the test but does stray off topic and only relates the main point vaguely at the end, which may misdirect the reader.
3. and 4. Summary A could focus on expanding the actual content of its summary by making it longer then a single sentence. Also changing the structure and length of its sentences so as to not bore the reader or dull them. They also could provide examples and chronologically explain the flow of the text with a few main points.

Summary B could work on the flow of its writing style by not making it a brief topic of each few paragraphs in the article. These short summary sentences cause the summary to feel choppy and not well constructed. Also it focuses entirely too much on the background information and doesn’t address the main topic of the primary and secondary research and the process of gathering this new information. The last sentence does address archaeology but is far too general only addressing the importance of  archaeology and not the technique or process that was used in gathering the evidence and new information addressed in the article.

Summaries can be found on this page, In the PowerPoint section for For Wednesday February 8th 2017. (Slide 3 and 4).

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