Hurt Park and its everlasting social effects on the homeless.

Ribaciauskas, Arnas (Photograph). (2017, April) Hurt Park Sign [photograph], Atlanta, Georgia:
The homeless community located throughout Hurt Park is a after effect caused by the built environment located throughout the park from its benches dimensions, spacing, naturally placed trees and shading to the scenery and it’s prime location through Atlanta. This just so happens to be surrounded by Georgia State causing more traffic flow as well as increased presence of poverty. This acts as a consequence to the residents of Atlanta from negative socially constructed stigma, inherently negative views and social stigma that it creates a sense of discomfort and intentional ignorance of the issues and hardships the homeless go through on a regular basis.

Though there may be an inherent negative outlook from Atlanta’s resident it doesn’t mean there aren’t those who wish for it to continue or those who won’t help. Parks like Hurt Park are not inherently wrong because of their built environment in fact ┬áin my opinion more parks that bring the public closer to these real issues is a good thing. The inherent discomfort people feel is justified but shouldn’t be ignored instead it should be attempted to be alleviated if not solved outright.