Plans for Hurt Park and The Homeless Article

My plans for the Built Environment Analysis is to include multiple pages or posts connected to a main menu that will introduce sub headers including the Introduction, Background, The Built Environment Itself, General Consensus, Conclusion. Below is a small sketch of what I intend the menu page to look like with images that either I have taken or have creative commons right to use. I plan to have all images hyperlinked as well leading to the posts themselves another thing that may be slightly different is the number of columns for different posts I will create.

Main Menu Concept Page Sketch drawn and taken by Arnas Ribaciauskas

I will strive to have my main opening image to draw an emotional draw or add attention to the topic at hand. my topic deal with the homeless problem in a bit of a serious¬†tone and issues that fixed furniture throughout parks attracts the homeless population. I have personally taken some photos and videos of the location itself and have permission from the people¬†who are in the photos as well. Having said this I have yet to find all their placements and still don’t know exactly what my header image is but will show something that has a sense of pity or emotional heartbreak to draw my readers in.


Finally I have yet to decide to have a lower menu to flip through the posts or just have a lower right hand and left hand corner hyperlink that sends you to the next page in a linear chronological fashion. I’m still considering many things.