College Football Hall of Fame Interaction Time Data Table

Ticket Booths and Frontal Entrance

College Football Hall of Fame Interaction Time. Data Collected By Arnas Ribaciauskas

Under this extension, a ticket stand is located where the work “Tickets” is colored in black with a white outline and is placed above 5 glass booths indented into the building.  An archway of shade is created by the massive football building with its football design. In front of the glass booths lie 3 rows of 5 black, metallic interchangeable line posts  with extendable belts linked to ease other in a letter “F” design. 14 more black metallic interchangeable line posts connected to the building frontal exit in the shape of a “L” design. 7 people waited in line while 2 people went up to the booth at a time, where only the 3rd to left and 2nd to right booth were open and dealing with guests.  8 males and 1 female waited in line all wearing jean pants. All but 1 male who was at the front of the line were wearing long sleeve jackets or hoodies. Each interaction lasted approximately 1 minute 34 seconds on average with a sample size of  9 guests over a period of 20 minutes.  To the left side of the ticket booth lied a large “V” shaped support column made of concrete protruded from the ground into the ceiling of the outside ticket booths and large black cylindrical metallic trashcans  that was 3 and half feet tall by 2 feet wide. At the right of the ticket booth was a display monitor behind a Plexiglas screen that stated “Tickets Available 24/7 AT CFDHALL.COM” with the College Football Hall of Fame museum logo beneath the text.